Robotic Surgery

Robotic surgery or computer assisted surgeries are technologically assisted surgeries that aid in surgical procedures. The main objective in using a robitically assisted surgical system is to reduce or eliminate the tissue trauma traditionally associated with open surgery. The majority of surgeries can be improved through the use of robotic surgery assistance which utilize minimally invasive techniques. Some major advantages of robotic surgery are precision, miniaturization, smaller incisions, decreased blood loss, less pain, and quicker healing time. Further advantages are articulation beyond normal manipulation and three-dimensional magnification, resulting in improved ergonomics. Robotic techniques are also associated with reduced duration of hospital stays, blood loss, transfusions, and use of pain medication. For example In traditional open-heart surgery, the surgeon makes a ten to twelve-inch incision, then gains access to the heart by splitting the sternum (breast bone) and spreading open the rib cage. The patient is then placed on a heart lung machine and the heart is stopped for a period of time during the operation. This approach can be associated with postoperative infection and pain, and prolonged time to complete recovery. Because patient recovery after robot-assisted heart surgery is quicker, the hospital stay is shorter. Reduced recovery times are not only better for the patient, they also reduce the number of staff needed during surgery, nursing care required after surgery, and, therefore, the overall cost of hospital stays.

Because of the cost of a robotic surgery assistance devices such as the Da Vinci System, the additional disposable supply costs and the additional training required by the surgeon it is often difficult to purchase and implement the technology in North American hospitals. Because of the demand for health tourism clients and the draw of offering the most advanced care, medical tourism destinations that have large volumes of clients can afford the latest technologies and training for their staff.

All types of surgeries can be assisted through robotic surgery, to find out if the procedure you are inquiring about can be minimally invasive. please contact us.