Health Screening

All types of medical tests, such as MRI, virtual colonoscopy, blood tests, EKG, Mammogram, etc., are available to clients who want to take advantage of the low cost and instant access while enjoying a vacation. With savings of up to 75% (when compared to the US Market) clients can easily spend a short time in the hospital, gather their medical results and spend the remainder of their time and savings on a well deserved vacation. Why put your health at risk and wait in long lines for your medical tests? Why spend thousands of dollars locally for the same procedures offered abroad when the latter includes a relaxing vacation?

Aside from cost savings, there are two types of travelers who use medical screenings:


Those with an injury or illness who do not wish to wait for lengthy diagnoses times while being in discomfort and potentially reducing their recovery success rate.


Those requiring health screenings for preventative measures; for example those with a family history of colorectal cancer that would like to increase their screenings at a younger age, despite it not being covered by their private or public Health Care system.

In either case, a private, affordable hospital visit can be arranged to have your examination and testing completed in a seamless and time efficient manner. Partners in our network offer specific health screening packages that are tailored to your gender, age and medical history. Clients can spend a day at the hospital to alleviate their fears or improve their chances of renewed health with an earlier diagnoses. All medical records and reports are transferred to the client to enable them to seek treatment at a location of their choice.

Some examples of the screening procedures available are (but not limited too):

  • – MRI
  • – CAT Scan
  • – CT Scan
  • – X-rays
  • – Mammography
  • – Colonoscopy
  • – Hyperbaric Chamber
  • – Ultrasound
  • – Gastroscopy
  • – Doppler echocardiogram
  • – Virtual colonoscopy
  • – EKG
  • – Blood work