Gamma Knife

The Gamma Knife, is a radiosurgical device used in the treatment of brain tumors which treats brain tumors without the need for surgery, and does not require anesthesia or intensive care,. The Gamma Knife may be applied in one single session, allowing patients to return home on the same day.

Used for the treatment of brain tumors without the need for surgery, the Gamma Knife is a tested and scientifically proven radiosurgical technique. The Gamma Knife allows the rapid bloodless treatment of brain tumors smaller than 3.5 mm in diameter without need for precise and risky surgical operations. Gamma Knife therapy, which is not performed under general anesthesia, is completed within several hours and patients may return home on the same day.

The Advantages of Gamma Knife treatment

– The elimination of the need for open surgery in many brain tumors
– Very few post-operative side effects
– No need for general anesthesia
– Patient can go home the same day
– No recuperation period
– No scarring
– No shaving of hair or hair loss
– High benefit with very little discomfort
– Fast return to work
– It is less expensive when compared with some surgical interventions

How does the equipment work?

The Gamma Knife® utilizes a technique called stereotactic radiosurgery, which uses multiple beams of radiation converging in three dimensions to focus precisely on a small volume, such as a tumor, permitting intense doses of radiation to be delivered to that volume safely. Current models of the Gamma Knife® use advanced robotic technology to move the patient in sub millimeter increments during treatment, to focus radiation successfully on all parts of the target. In most cases, Gamma Knife® treatments are given in a single session.
Under local anesthesia, a special rigid head frame incorporating a three-dimensional coordinate system is attached to the patient’s skull with four screws. Imaging studies, such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computed tomography (CT), or angiography, are then obtained and the results are sent to the Gamma Knife®’s planning computer system. Together, physicians (radiation oncologists and neurosurgeons) and medical physicists delineate targets and normal anatomical structures. They use a planning computer program to determine the exact spatial relationship between the target, normal structures and the head frame to calculate Gamma Knife® treatment parameters. Targets often are best treated during the treatment session with combinations of several successive aimings, commonly known as “shots.” The physicians and physicists routinely consider numerous fine-tuning adjustments of treatment parameters until an optimal plan and dose are determined.
Using the three-dimensional coordinates determined in the planning process, the frame is then precisely attached to the Gamma Knife® unit to guarantee that when the unit is activated, the target is placed exactly in the center of approximately 200 precision-aimed, converging beams of (Cobalt-60 generated) gamma radiation. Treatment takes anywhere from several minutes to a few hours to complete depending on the shape and size of the target, the number of “shots” and the dose required. Patients do not feel the radiation. Following treatment the head frame is removed and the patient may return to normal activity.
Sample Gamma Knife Package for $13,000

– Physical Consultation
– Doctor fees
– Pre-op examinations
– CT/ MRI Scan and/or X-ray
– Sedation and local anesthesia (if necessary)
– Medical equipment and supplies necessary for the procedure
– Half day hospitalization for each session
– Nursing & Comfort care