CCSVI Liberation Therapy

Chronic Cerebro Spinal Venous Insufficiency (CCSVI) in Belgium

This procedure, which was developed by Dr. Paulo Zamboni is believed to play a role in the cause of Multiple Sclerosis. CCSVI or Liberation treatment is an angioplasty of the veins which return blood flow to the brain and subsequently the draining of the central nervous system. Dr. Zamboni’s research claims that in MS patients diagnosed with CCSVI, the azygos and IJV veins are stenotic in around 90% of cases. Dr. Zamboni theorized that malformed blood vessels cause increased deposition of iron in the brain, which in turn triggers autoimmunity and degeneration of the nerve’s myelin sheath.

Why travel abroad?

In the case of CCSVI, treatment is not readily available or affordable in North America, leaving many searching for alternatives in second and third world countries. However private, high quality affordable care in the center of Western Europe (first world) is available. Our CCSVI Belgium program offers treatment at a world class facility that has been deemed a Center of Excellence in Cardiology by a renown cardiologist. The hospital is known for having an outstanding reputation nationally and internationally, and is known for having been selected to treat royalty.

Currently the OLV hospital and it’s doctors are also supporting the CCSVI community by running two studies.

1.“Determination of cytokines in plasma from the internal jugular vein with MS”
Study in cooperation with the Neurology department of the UZ Brussels. (Inclusion in the study is still possible1.)

2.“PWI –MRV Imaging Modalities in MS/CCSVI”
Study in cooperation with the Radiology department of the OLV hospital Aalst. (Inclusion in the study is still possible1.)

Inclusion in the study would result in the client’s CCSVI results and diagnosis being included, however no personal information from the client would be included.

What is included with my CCSVI Treatment for $6500?

  • Liberation Therapy/ angioplasty; including unlimited blockages in both jugulars, the azygos, and vertebral veins.
  • Hospital Stay
  • Physician fees and consultation
  • Medication (20 day supply of blood thinners)
  • Materials
  • Examination with doppler/CT and/or MRV (whichever is determined to best suit the clients needs.)
  • Follow up evaluation and monitoring by doctor.
  • Medical report, copies of medical images and records.
  • Transportation to and from medical appointments.
What happens if my my veinography is negative and I do not have blockages or CCSVI?

If no blockages are found, the client will be billed $200 for the initial doppler screening and diagnoses.

Why do you encourage clients to get an MRV?

Some patients may need an MRV to check the morphology of the stenosis for a detailed diagnosis and to be able to outline the best treatment plan. However, the MRV is also a useful tool as it is a “snap shot” of the vein blockages and can be used as a reference tool to monitor future vein developments.

Additional material costs could be billed to the client (for example stenting) if it is deemed to be needed during surgery. Stenting is only performed when it is deemed to be medically necessary (statistically less than 3% of the time).

Advantages to Receiving CCSVI Liberation therapy in Belgium

The team performing CCSVI Liberation treatment in Belgium has performed over 360 procedures to date.

84% of patients who have been treated for CCSVI at OLV hospital report a general improvement in the quality of life 6 months after the procedure. The hospital does complete follow up monitoring of its clients as a part of its CCSVI and Multiple Sclerosis research.

Medical travel insurance is available through our partner Global Protection services.

We have a number of hotels in the area that we work with and will recommend based on the desires and needs of the client. We also receive discounts that we pass on to our clients, at surrounding hospitals.

Additional services are available to clients such as companions & concierge service as well as physiotherapy and private nursing.

As a result of the socialized medical system (similar to Canada) the cost of CCSVI treatment is comparatively low to other destinations.

Moreover: the OLV hospital is recommended by Gateway Health International because it is a center of excellence for cardiology;

Why Belgium?

Belgium is located in the center of Western Europe and is known as a cultural and political hub. Its known for being the host to the European Union and NATO, as well as for its cultural heritage and gastronomic delights.

Because Belgium is an international political hub, it is a culturally diverse county and most people speak more than one language. The official national languages are french and dutch, however when walking through major cities such as Brussels, it is common for shop keepers and customer service staff to also speak english. At the OLV hospital there are many english speaking staff and you will be able to communicate with staff about your treatment in english at all times.

Belgium is also perfectly located for a european holiday as it is centrally located with Paris and London being less than an hour and a half away by train. Other destinations like Spain, Italy, German, Holland etc are also short train rides away.


The angioplasty of the veins is a day surgery. Most clients arrive in the early morning and are released the same day. In some cases three stitches may be placed inside the left groin, which can be removed in three days.

We at Gateway Health pride ourselves on offering customized care to suit your individual desires. It is our hope that clients can enjoy their time in Europe to the fullest and relax while recovering. Belgium is in the heart of Western Europe and there are endless vacation destinations a short distance away: Spain, England, France, Germany, Italy and Holland are easily reached via train or car. Some of our clients chose to take a short train ride from Brussels to the south of France and recover on the beach or just stay and enjoy the rich culture and history of Belgium.

Sample package, Custom Care – from $7250

  • Airport pick up and drop off as well as hospital transportation.
  • 24 hour on call private nursing while at hotel, available if an unforeseen need arises.
  • 4 nights hotel accommodation at a 4 star hotel.
  • CCSVI Liberation package (unlimited angioplasty of blockages, consultation, MRI, medication, hospital fees, doctor follow up).
  • Personal Attendant to insure a seamless transition to the hospital, administrative procedures, answer questions and help organize itinerary.
  • Personalized medical report, copies of medical reports and images.
Package price for CCSVI Treatment in Belgium is $7250