Medical Tourism in Turkey

Turkey is know for it’s oceanic climate, as is borders the Algerian and Mediterranean sea. Turkey has a population of over 74 million people, 13 .5 million of which reside in Istanbul, the nation’s capital. All of our medical network including 2 JCI accredited hospitals, one of which is affiliated with John Hopkin’s Hospital are located in beautiful Istanbul. Istanbul is a multicultural city as is host’s one of the world’s largest water ways, Istanbul borders on the Sea of Marmara and the Black Sea. It is also the second largest city in Europe.

The city is rich in cultural history, it has been the capital of four different empires Constantinople, Roman, Ottoman and Byzantine. Because of it’s history the city of Istanbul is the European capital of culture and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with ten million tourists visiting each year and making it the world’s tenth most popular tourist destination.

The vacation possibilities are plentiful in Turkey as the Mediterranean beaches are wonderfully inviting with warm white sand and aqua blue waters. Also there are world renown local spa’s and charming cafe’s and gourmet cuisine to be enjoyed as part of your recovery and relaxation.

Medical traveller’s from around the world a commonly come to Istanbul specifically to be treated at the JCI accredited hospitals as they are known for drawing internationally skilled doctors, such as the IVF program run by one hospital that has exceptionally high success rates for IVF with an without donor eggs and is run by a Yale medical professor at 85% less than the average price in the US. Medical advances are also common place with specialized cancer treatment using Gamma Knife and Cyberknife medical robotic equipment. Affordable Medical care at American accredited facilities that utilizes advanced technologies are available as a result of a lower cost of living, lower insurance premiums on hospitals and an abundant supply of private medical facilities as Turkey is an international health care destination.