Medical Tourism in Spain

Spain is the world’s second largest tourist destination with breath taking beaches, vin yards, rich cultural ancestry, cuisine and being an affordable destination is western europe. Spain’s tourist sector constitutes 5% of it’s annual GDP as foreigners flock to Spain’s mountainous terrain with the northern sector of the country having a warm and dry Mediterranean climate. Spain is a democracy organized in the form of a parliamentary government under a constitutional monarchy It is a developed country with the twelfth largest economy in the world by nominal GDP, and has very high living standards, including the tenth-highest quality of life index rating in the world, as of 2005. It is a member of the United Nations, NATO, OEDC, and WTO.

Depending on your taste there are any number of things to do in Spain while recovering from treatment or before hand.

-Wine tours
-Cooking classes
-Relaxing beach holidays on the coast or surrounding islands
-Museums, embracing the Spain’s history as far back as the Roman Empire.
-Touring the countryside or immersing yourself in cities such as Barcelona or Madrid.

Clients chose to have their medical treatments in Spain because of the affordable prices, health care expertise and it is an amazing vacation destination. It is not uncommon for the doctors we work with in Spain to be educated in North America and all the doctors are accredited within Spain and in good standing with the Spanish governing body of health and medicine. Most clients are overwhelmed by the quality of care and advanced medical techniques available to them at affordable prices. There are many reasons why the cost of health care is lower; among them are a lower cost of living for medical staff, lower insurance premiums and a greater supply of private medical resources. Also keep in mind that medical travel insurance is available for those being treated at JCI accredited facilities.
But don’t just take our word for it, contact us and learn more about medical vacations in Spain.