Medical Tourism in Poland

Poland is a popular European medical tourism destination as it is centrally located, only a 2 hour flight from London and is a member of the European Union. The polish health care system is subsidized by Polish citizens (similar to Canada) and in addition Poland has a large infrastructure of private medical facilities, over 300,000 visitors traveled to Poland for medical procedures in 2009, a figure projected to rise by 15% per year. An array of modern hospitals and medical facilities combine with state-of-the-art technology, board-certified surgeons and health professionals throughout Poland’s health care system. All medical facilities are overseen by the Polish Ministry of Health and recognized under NATO, in accord with the European Union and the ISO. Savings on medical procedures in Poland are extremely attractive, with visitors from many Western countries able to save upwards of 50% to 60% on most general surgeries, and upwards of 70% of the savings on costs for cosmetic and plastic surgeries under their homeland healthcare systems. Poland is commonly associated with medical tourism for CCSVI for Multiple Sclerosis, High Intensity Focused Ultrasound, Orthopedic surgeries and Weight loss surgeries.

Recovering in Poland is a luxurious experience as Poland is known for it’s health spa’s and recovery centers, which cater to the medical tourist while being comparably inexpensive to North America. Poland is a beautiful destination with the natural beauty of it’s rolling country side, rich history, culture and modern amenities.