Medical Tourism in India

India is one of the largest medical tourism destinations in the world. With exceptionally low treatment costs, private state of the art medical facilities and stringent quality control practices medical tourists travel from all over the world to be treated in India. In order to establish the quality of care at the private hospitals within Gateway Health International’s network quality benchmark’s are used. They are the Joint Commission International Accreditation, NABH Accreditation (National Accreditation Board of Hospitals and Health Care Providers) and the NABL (National Accreditation Board of Laboratories) and ISO 9002 (National organization of Standardization)

Because private health care groups in India have specifically targeted international patients they have designed state of the art facilities with Western health care concepts in mind. Hospitals offer the most advanced medical diagnostic tools and equipment as well as provided ongoing research and educational training to their staff. Because of the low cost of living, insurance cost and general infrastructure costs treatment costs can be as low as 95% of what similar procedures costs are in the US. As with all of the destinations and medical staff within Gateway Health International’s network clients are able to review the hospitals accreditation, affiliations and the curriculum vitae of each individual doctor before deciding on a destination.

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