Medical Tourism in Belgium

Belgium is a stunning, modern country that is rich with culture and European history, located in the heart of western Europe. It is known for being a founding member of the European Union and is an international political hub as it is the home of the European Union’s headquarters and NATO. Belgium is also a popular tourist destination as it is centrally located and offers access to France, Germany and England by high speed train in under an hour and a half.

Belgium is best known for its chocolates, beer and extraordinary French inspired cuisine. Whether walking through the breath taking square of La Grande Place in Brussels or shopping in the fashion district of Antwerp, there is always a soulful experience waiting for you.

The health care system is Belgium is similar to that of Canada, funded by the tax payers of Belgium who create the infrastructure of hospitals. Belgium spent an estimated 11% of their GDP on heath care in 2009. As a result, private doctors are able to provide medical care to international patients at a lower cost than in the US due to governmental funding to the hospital infrastructure, lower salaries and lower liability insurance cost requirements than in the US. The quality of care remains very high with state of the art facilities, world renowned doctors, and cutting edge research. For these reasons Belgium has a world wide reputation of having one of the best health care systems in the world, and an estimated 55,000 international patients visit Belgium for medical treatment each year. Belgium also boosts a high per capita rate of nurses, pharmacists and doctors. It is not uncommon for patients to be able to call their doctor directly on their cell phones with concerns, have no waiting lists for surgery and have exceptional postoperative care. Additionally, Belgium has one of the lowest secondary infection rates in western Europe.

Traveling to Belgium for medical treatments is unlike any other medical tourism destination, with an unequaled combination of luxury and affordability. Client’s of Gateway Health International have the ability to travel to a breathtaking locations, enjoy Michelin star restaurants, shop at exclusive stores and have private medical care while relaxing in a safe, comfortable environment that caters to you.

Flight times are 8 hours from New York and direct flights are easily accessible.

+Pioneering techniques with state of the art technology and advanced, safe medical care.
+Stunning destinations with private aftercare. Relaxation and recuperation.
+No waiting times and substantial cost savings(40% to 80%) when compared to North America.
+Customized care with a personal touch. Helping you get your health back to where it needs to be.