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Gateway Health was founded on the belief that people are entitled to safe, quality and medically advanced health care while maintaining superior value. Whether clients are looking for health care services that are not available in North America, not available in a timely manner or are looking for a cost effective alternative, Gateway Health International serves to empower its clients by providing information about exceptional medical facilities and arranging customized care. Gateway allows clients to take control of their health while ensuring a seamless experience that manages all the details, so clients can focus on their health and relaxation.

We pride ourselves on the network we have of medical staff and the facilities we have relationships with, which is why our clients place in us. Gateway searches out Internationally accredited facilities that have a focus on international patient care, high doctor and nurse ratios and medical facilities that offer state of the art technology and procedures. We also co-ordinate after care with recovery resorts, physiotherapy, private nursing, concierge services and any other needs the client may have. Gateway Health International is a resource to manage the details of your trip from travel arrangements, accommodations, medical documents, confirming appointments, providing points of reference for your recovery and of course, enjoying your time at your destination. The approach used by Gateway is a holistic one, we can arrange all the details required for a seamless recovery while our clients devote themselves to a relaxing recovery.

If you have any questions please contact us directly, we would love to hear from you.

Our Mission

To provide access to clients looking for medical care at world class health care facilities that offer safe, state of the art technologies and procedures and personalized one on one medical consultations and follow up care.

What is Medical Tourism?

Medical Tourism is the act of traveling internationally for the purpose of receiving health care.

Why do people travel abroad?

With 50.7 million American’s uninsured, long wait times in the Canadian health care system and some procedures not being available at all, medical tourism is the fastest growing sector of health care. The potential savings from medical tourism is on average 40 to 75% in Latin America and 30 to 50% in Europe. As the baby boomer generation ages it is expected that our health care system will become more overloaded and less efficient. In addition, economic challenges are putting greater pressure on financial resources for families.

Fortunately, health care providers in some countries have recognized the opportunity resulting from the need for medical tourism and have tailored private health care facilities to meet the demand. Medical facilities within the Gateway network of care providers are selected because of the quality of care they they provide indicated by board certification of doctors, hospital or clinic accreditation and nurse to patient ratio to name a few. Gateway Health International is committed to arranging superior treatment at a lower price compared to what is available in North America.


As a result of the fast growth of the medical tourism industry, many insurance providers have started medical tourism programs such as Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, WellPoint, Swiss Re and others. In additional there has been a boom in self funded employers that have implemented medical tourism programs. Some of the incentives implemented by insurance companies are: waiving the deductible, paying for all travel and accommodation, sharing cost savings with patients and cash incentives.

Private companies such as PepsiCo Inc. have also started including medical tourism travel to their insurance programs in an effort to offer the best care available to their 250,000 staff while maintaining competitive pricing. The number of companies offering medical tourism coverage within their insurance programs is expected to increase dramatically in the coming years.

Quality of Care

Clients can now be assured of the quality of care they receive because of international standard of care, or Joint Commission International (JCI). This is an international bench mark of care for hospitals abroad that also regulate US hospitals. There are over 500 JCI accredited hospitals in the world. There are also other accreditation models such as Accreditation Canada International, Diversity Health Care Institute and ISO certification.
For clients looking for procedures within a specific field we also work with international medical centers of excellence in the fields of Cardiology, Urology, Neurology and Abdominal surgery (laparoscopic bariatric surgery, pancreas, hepatobiliaire, laparoscopic colectomy etc).

In addition, Gateway Health International can facilitate opportunities for clients to consult with doctors and other health care providers directly via phone, email or Skype.

+Pioneering techniques with state of the art technology and advanced, safe medical care.
+Stunning destinations with private aftercare. Relaxation and recuperation.
+No waiting times and substantial cost savings(40% to 80%) when compared to North America.
+Customized care with a personal touch. Helping you get your health back to where it needs to be.

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